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A couple of years ago the daughter of a family who have stayed since 1962 kindly passed on the original brochure her parents received when they booked. Although prices have changed a little since the sixties, apart from the addition of a double tracked road not much else has changed at Leckmelm.

We were quite inspired by the retro look of the brochure and with a little help from Euan at A4 print in Inverness we revisited the logo for the 21st Century and impending 60th anniversary of the business. My son Solais has been trialling designs for "Leckmelm Merch" in in 2022 we will launch a celebratory year with offers to Mark this occasion. Watch this space....

In the meantime we've developed the logo onto a new interpretative map board that will replace our old information point on the Campbellton road which gives visitors an idea of their location and also the bridleway to Strath Nimhe which is a fantastic walk either as a short route up to the Marilyn Ben Eilideach or further over the hill to Rhidorroch.

The latter route makes for a great hike (4-6 hours depending on your speed) from Leckmelm taking you along an ancient drove route down through Rhiddoroch and Glen Achall to Ullapool where you can stop for food, coffee or a pint. This is probably one of my most favourite walks, but be aware that between July and February stalking may be taking place and it's best to check the day before you go.

Leckmelm map

I love it there - particularly the walk out and up at the back of the house, with the wonderful view of An Teallach as you walk along at the top. And the neighbour's bird table was an added bonus this time. Unfortunately we didn't see the red squirrels that she said come along occasionally. Maybe another time!
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