COVID19 Precautions

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Due to current public health guidance the Government now strongly urges the public not to travel unless necessary. I have written today to all those who have booked in April and May 2020 to offer a lift and shift of their booked dates to 2021.

I do not know how this will affect the business and if indeed we will be able to keep going if this situation continues for a long time but I have to trust that it will and hope for some form of government support in the future.

I have left the cottages open for booking so that we can provide a service to people who are coming to the area for vital work such as locum medical staff, construction or other work. Also to provide a space for people if they are stuck and can't get home.

Thanks and hoping that this time next year we can welcome people again. I am hopeful for June onwards but will update those who have booked as I know more.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for our antics on the farm this Spring!

Lucy Beattie and family.

I love it there - particularly the walk out and up at the back of the house, with the wonderful view of An Teallach as you walk along at the top. And the neighbour's bird table was an added bonus this time. Unfortunately we didn't see the red squirrels that she said come along occasionally. Maybe another time!
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