It's Turkey Time Again

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For the last ten years I have grown and reared free range turkeys at Leckmelm. The turkeys are wee characters and will often be seen nosing about the farm by the Lochside Cottages or taking a stroll along the beach.

Turkeys at Leckmelm Farm

This year we've been plucking and prepping the birds in the larder at the farm.  I am a registered slaughterwoman and was trained by the humane slaughter association.  I hope to give the turkeys the best life they can have and ensure they are well looked after and cared for.  

There's a team of 6 who work at this time of year...."Team Turkey 2016" includes people from all walks of life: a shepherd, a crofter, a lifeguard, a school leaver, a painter and Danielle who not only sorts the Leckmelm Office she is also a Mum of two and has a croft of her own where she keeps pigs, ducks and sheep with her husband.  Team turkey is a multi-talented bunch, but by 24th December we have sung along to far too many cheesy Christmas songs on the larder radio to mention....

Christmas turkeys at Leckmelm Farm, Ullapool

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